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Connecting People,Places and Things

Ilumenfi is a product development firm focusing on providing sustainable IoT products which are multi-functional and easy to implement.

Our philosophy at Ilumenfi is to make it easier to connect hard to reach areas and bring the tools to over looked regions to allow them access to compete in the world markets.

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Our tools provide the foundation for wireless infrastructure development, smart city lighting and efficient energy management.

Energy Efficient LED

Reduce your overall energy consumption by up to 75% using LED technology and automated energy management systems.


Our wide area small cell technology allows the simple deployment of large area network coverage without the need for cumbersome and expensive techology.


Real-time high definition surveillance with backup cloud storage for added security


Region specific analytics for better resource planning.

Let us provide you with a solution

Wide Area Coverage

How does it work?

Mesh and Peer to Peer networking are how larger carriers are able to provide access to a large amounts of users. The SLH LED light fixture can provide service for up to 250 individual users. Internet access and Wi-Fi coverage can be provided simply by changing a light.

Using Ilumenfi's SLH property managers and municipalities can take advantage of the financial benefits of our system while experiencing a significant reduction in energy consumption and experiencing a safer environment.

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